Grab your coffee or tea! I’ve got some news.


That’s right folks!

Change will be coming to!  After much deliberation and discussion with family members and a few strangers on the street, it was decided that My Genealogy Obsession (MGO) needed to move out!  Move out of the domain and into its own.  Effective August 1, 2016, MGO will have its own domain at  All of the material were transferred to the new domain.

What do you have to do?

Well I am glad you ask because there are a few things you should do.

First:  If you follow this blog (Thank you!), hop on over to the new domain and re-subscribe there to make sure you get notified of when new posts are made.  You don’t want this to slip through the cracks!  Although we were able to move the posts, graphics and comments, we were not able to move over the subscriptions to the new domain.  <insert sad face here>.

Second:  If you have this page bookmarked, hop on over to the new domain and bookmark it.  It would be better to subscribe to it so you will be notified when new posts are made, but that is up to you.  I’m not pushing, just informing!

Third:  Smile!  Know that this change is good.  It will allow me to do more with the website and I can offer more for my readers.  You can look forward to more from me, more posts, new instructional videos, and maybe, just maybe a webinar in the future.  We will see what unfolds for My Genealogy Obsession.

Thank you all for your support and for reading and following my blog.  It is very much greatly appreciated!  I cannot thank you enough for your support!

Remember always,











One thought on “Grab your coffee or tea! I’ve got some news.”

  1. I am so pleased to see the two of you doing something fun together and learning too. Elena has grown up so much and I see a real maturity in the way she spoke and entered her input into the session. I was smiling the whole way through and am really proud of your accomplishments in this area.


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