Monthly Aspirations – March 2012

Well this month starts another chapter in getting the information for my submission for the NGS Family History Writing Contest.

This month is my interviewing month.  This is the month that I planned on interviewing several family members.  The first on my list, is my Aunt.  She will be 100 years young in April and I am anxious to interview her.  Although she does speak English, I will have my dad, her younger brother, there at the interview.  I know that she is more comfortable not only having my dad around, but also speaking Spanish.  I am hoping that she reveals a lot of stories of her immigration to this country and of my grandparents when the family was first starting out.

The other items on my aspirations list is the following:

Indexing:  I have signed up and been approved as a 1940 Census Ambassador.  I am excited to help create the index list for the 1940 Census.  You can help too.  Just click on the badge above and sign up to help.  We need all the help we can get to get the index to the public sooner.

Brickwalls:  Last Saturday I broke through my brickwall that I had with my submission for the writing contest.  You can read about it here.  Now that I know my grandmother’s correct full name.  I need to research her possible parents and her possible siblings.  In order to do this, I will need to pull some microfilm from the Family History Library and go through them to find the siblings baptism records.  I also need to still search for and find the baptism record for my grandmother as well.

So those are my aspirations for this month.  What are you planning for the month of March?


Monthly Aspirations – February 2012

For my February aspirations, I will be starting to focus on the 3rd generation of my NGS Family History Writing Contest submission family.  Although it includes my aunts and uncles, my focus cannot be my dad (according to NGS contest rules).  Instead, I will be focusing on one of my uncles.  Although I have some information, I need to get my copies of documents, verify the information I do have and also interview my aunts and uncles. 

So for the month of February, my focus will be to verify the information I have on my dad’s siblings and to fill in any gaps I may have.  Wish me luck!

October’s Aspirations

This is a busy month for me, its not only my one year wedding anniversary, but my niece will be getting married the day before my anniversary!  I wish her and her new husband many years of anniversaries to come!

I have researched my father-in-law, Robert Harold Stanard and the next thing on my list of to do’s is to create a timeline and a report.  I currently have so much information that it is starting to overwhelm me.  So I am a firm believer of doing a timeline to help straighten things out, when I am overwhelmed with information.  It really helps to see what you have and find out where you need to go look next.  However, I want to start working towards being a bit more professional in my genealogy research, so I will also write up a client report on Robert Harold Stanard.  I will be writing it as if I am giving it to my husband (which I will do) and it will help me to work as a professional genealogist and focus where I will be researching next.

Another aspiration will be to post more to my blog.  The editorial calendar will be helpful with that, but I also have some other posts I need to do.  I had another trip to the L.A. Superior Court – Archives and obtained two divorce petitions and judgements and I would like to write about that.  I would like to post that sometime this week.

Last but not least, I need to make another trip to the LA Family History Center.  I ordered some microfilms which might have information on my paternal grandparents and great-grandparents birth, marriage and death and I need to look at them and see what information they hold for me.

That’s what I have so far.  What do you aspire to complete this month on your genealogy??? Post a comment and let me know, I would love to read it!

Have a great day!!

My Aspirations – August – Part Two

Updates Continue…

WRITING: Blog – Well I really dropped the ball with this one.  For the past three weeks, I didn’t participate in the exercises.  I am dissapointed in myself, but I will continue to try to participate more.  I really want to make my blog the best it can be.

Genealogy –  I am going to enter the NGS Family History Writing Contest.  The award for this context is a paid trip to the following NGS Annual Conference.  Well I am going to enter for the 2013 NGS Annual Conference that will be held May, 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Although I have plenty of time, I want to make sure that it is as perfect as it can be.  I want to make sure all my “t’s” are cossed and my “i’s” are dotted.  I was a bit intimidated with starting my draft.  As with any writer, it is always hard to write that first sentence on a project, but once I got going, I was on a roll!  I picked the family I wanted to write about and I used the BCG Genealogical Stanards Manual’s Compiled Genealogy Example as a guide (that was the only book I had available at the time).   My only intention was to prepare a very rough draft of an outline but I ended up completing the first generation and half of the second, and all from my memory!  I still need to finish the rest of the second generation and then on to the third and possibly fourth generation.  When I have finished with the rough draft, I still need to use Creating a Winning Family History, Including a Guide to the Family History Writing Contest book, which is published by NGS to make sure it is formatted the way NGS wants it to be. In all, it was a good start, and out of the 4-10K word limitation, I already have 2,100 done! 

OTHER:  Blog Site Change – Well, my decision was made and I decided to simplify my blog website a bit more and make it easier to read.  I changed the theme of the blog and deleted the clutter.  I am going to have a personalized header made but won’t be able to do it till the end of August or September.  So in the mean time, I picked my favorite picture from the list of default pictures available for this theme.  Please be patient while I am waiting to get the customized header.  One thing to note, at the bottom of my page, is now a link to my other blog, One Crafty Mom.  Its a craft blog that I also have.

On to my August Aspirations!!

Well August is going to be a very busy month for me.  I have my Sanchez Family Reunion on the 13th, my daughter will be on vacation with her dad for one of the first weeks of the month and her and I will be on vacation the week of August 22nd.  We plan on painting her room during out vacation, but also get out and do a few fun things including sneaking in a genealogy research trip here and there.  So I will be trying to keep things light this month.

RESEARCH:  Project Sanchez – continue working on it.  Luna – Spend one day during vacation and get a copy of the divorce records for my parents.  Spend another day and go to the FHL in Los Angeles and research my great-grandparents in Mexico (Teach my daughter how to prepare for a day of research at the same time (research log, items to take, ect…).

ORGANIZATION:  See Sanchez Family Reunion below.

EDUCATION – Not only work on my Genealogical Library list, but also work on my Genealogical Education list as well.

WRITING:  Blog – Continue participating in the 31 Weeks to a Better Genealogy Blog challenge and try to post as least twice a week if not more.  Genealogy – If there is any time left, work on the draft entry for the NGS Family History Writing Contest and try to get the next generation and a half done.

OTHER:  Sanchez Family Reunion – 1) Order the entre for the meal, 2) make three cakes for dessert (yellow cake/chocolate frosting; coconut cake; carrot cake) 3)organize folders for my family pictures that I will be scanning at the reunion and get my photos that I want to share in the proper folder, 4) prepare an evaluation form so that we have feedback for the next reunion, and help my daughter get her things together for her entertainment of the younger kids (crafts and toys).

Have a great Monday everyone!!!

My Aspirations – August – Part One

First the updates:

RESEARCH:  Project Sanchez – has really taken off this past weekend.  I am very proud of myself that I not only finished one box, but finished the other box and a half that I had. 

The stacks of paper that I ended up with.

As you can see, I ended up with several stacks of paper on the table.  The two and one-quarter stacks in the background are the piles for my in-direct relatives.  The smaller stack in the foreground is my direct relatives.  Am I done?  Heck no!  I still have about 5 more lateral file drawers to go through, but that’s ok.  I just am happy that I accomplished this one aspiration to finish going through the boxes that I currently had.  It’s the little steps that we need to celebrate! 

Mexican migration through Central Mexico and U.S. migrant farm workers of the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s – this has been a tough aspiration.  I have spent at least 5-7 hours over the past week and a half, searching for any information on these two subject.  There is practically nothing on the migration paths taken through Central Mexico into the U.S. in 1918.  There was some information on a program for migrant workers called “the Bracero program” during the 20’s-40’s in which the U.S. contracted with Mexico to bring their citizens to work in our fields.  However, I don’t believe that my grandfather was a part of that program.  My next move, interview my oldest aunt who just a few months ago celebrated her 99th birthday!  I need to verify a few things about when she, my grandfather, grandmother and great-grandmother migrated from Mexico in 1918.  I am hoping she remembers, she was 9 years old at the time.

ORGANIZATION: Scanned Photos – I still haven’t done this.  Project Sanchez consumed this past weekend.  Because of the reunion coming up, it has to be prepared and done so this will consume my up coming weekend! 

EDUCATION:  My genealogical library – I also haven’t done this as well and for the same reasons a listed above.  Although this has no urgency, I am hoping to have it done before the end of this week.