Miss Martin – 52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy and History

52 Weeks Personal Genealogy and History
Week 41 – Teachers
Did you have a favorite teacher when you were growing up? What class(es) did this person teach and why did he/she make an impact on your life?
This challenge runs from Saturday, October 8, 2011 through Friday, October 14, 2011.

This challenge is run by Thomas MacEntee over at his blog called Geneabloggers but was originally authored by Amy Coffin over at her We Tree Genealogy blog.  When I can, I try to participate.

This one I knew I had to participate in because of one special teacher that I had in the 4th grade.  I went to Cogswell Elementary in El Monte, California.  From what I remember, it was a small school that at the time of my attendance, only went up to 6th grade.

My 4th grade teacher was named Miss Martin.  She was special and made me feel like I was part of the crowd.  I always felt out-of-place at school because at the time, I didn’t make friends easily.  I remember that she has a larger than life personality, had beautiful black hair and was a very tall woman (although that last one could be because I was short in the 4th grade.)  She was fun, always telling funny jokes and made learning really fun and enjoyable.  She made me feel that it was ok to be different and that I didn’t have to be part of the “in” crowd, than individuality was a good thing.

Several years ago, I was going through an old box from storage and found my 6th grade autograph book.  When I read it, all of my memories came rushing back.  Including those of Miss Martin.  Even though I was in 6th grade, I went and had her sign my autograph book.

The cover of my 6th grade autograph book. Photo owned by author.

As you can see, it is staring to fall apart.  I plan on scanning the whole book to save it from any further damage.

The first page that I filled out myself. Photo owned by author.

Back in the day, I actually liked calling myself Pat even though my first name is Patricia.  Now, I really dislike Pat and prefer Tricia.  I filled it out myself and even put down my address.

Miss Martin's Signature in my 6th grade autograph book (I had to enhance this photo to make sure the pencil showed up). Photo owned by author.

Here is Miss Martin’s signature in my autograph book.  I always loved the little face she drew!  She put that on all of the assignments that got good grades.  You can even see my notation that she was “The best teacher I ever had!”  However, I don’t remember when I wrote that in.

When I did find this in my storage box, I immediately showed my daughter and gave her the rundown on the best teacher I ever had.  I always wondered whatever happened to Miss Martin.  I think I will try to find her and tell her what a wonderful teacher she was!  Maybe she is on facebook?  Although I could never duplicate her drawing, here is my electronic version…  :-P

52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy & History – Radio and Television

Week 6: Radio and Television.

What was your favorite radio or television show from your childhood? What was the program about and who was in it?


          The one television show that sticks out in my mind was the Jackson 5 cartoon that came on at 9am on Saturday mornings.  The main characters were the musical group The Jackson 5.   This was a cartoon that my younger sister and I loved.  After breakfast when it was 9am, we would run around the house yelling “Its 9 o’clock!”  When we got to the den, we would slide into the room and always timed it perfectly to end up in front of the TV.  That was so much fun to do with my sister!

          We both enjoyed the cartoon and when they did the musical part, we would always standup and dance and sing along with the cartoon!

Here is one of them (one of three):  

          I really enjoyed watching it again and it brings back such happy memories!  What are your favorite shows from your childhood???

52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy & History – Favorite Food

          I have started to participate in a Facebook event called 52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy & History.  It was created by Amy Coffin of the We Tree blog and this week’s focus is food.  Week 5: This challenge runs from Saturday, January 29, 2011 through Friday, February 4, 2011.

Week #5 – Favourite Food

What was your favourite food from childhood? If it was home-made, who made it? What was in the dish and why was it your favourite? What is your favourite dish now?


I have wonderful memories of when I was a child and my mom was cooking in the kitchen.  I would say that it was tough to come up with my FAVORITE food because everything my mom made was delicious.  She used to make flour tortilla from scratch and by hand.  I remember the first time she allowed/taught me how to roll out a tortilla.  I rolled it out myself and when I was done, it was in the shape of Mickey Mouse’s head.  She helped me cook it and put butter on it and boy was that yummy!!!  I also remember when I would peek around the door into the kitchen unbeknownst to my mom, I would catch singing to her favorite spanish song that was playing on an old transistor type of radio that was on her favorite spanish radio station.  She would cook and sing at the same time.  My mom has a beautiful voice too!  I loved watching her in the kitchen.  She looked so very happy when she was cooking!

It was hard to come up with my FAVORITE, but I did.  I loved my mom’s Chicken Mole.  When I was a kid, she would make it from scratch.  I can tell you that it isn’t easy to make this dish from scratch.  I do know that there are a lot of spices that go in there and one of them is chocolate!  (Maybe that’s why its my favorite???)  She would make spanish rice and put a mound of it on our plate and top it with a piece of chicken that had been cooking in the mole sauce then she would pour mole sauce over it.  With her freshly made flour tortilla, I was in heaven!  That is, in my opinion, the ultimate comfort food…my favorite food.

I have made chicken mole and it has come out ok.  It would never been as good as my mom’s, maybe because I use the pre-made jar of mole sauce concentrate.  You just add the concentrate to the boiled chicken and cook it for a little while so that the chicken absorbs the flavors of the mole sauce.  Like I said, it is good, but it’s not close to the “from scratch” version my mom made.