Saturday Update – February 25, 2012

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of attending John Schmal’s Researching Your Mexican Roots: Following the Paper Trail at the West Los Angeles Family History Library.  In this class, I learned the highest priority items needed to start a search in Mexico.  It was a real eye opener.  I also learned a few facts about the Mexican state of Zacatecas (where my grandparents were from) and it helped in breaking down my brickwall on my grandmother. I was so very happy to have been searching some of the records on the Family Search website and found my grandparents marriage license!

This marriage license was a treasure trove of information, some that I had and it was verified and some that was new to me.  It verified that my great-grandfather, Salome Luna, had passed, but I didn’t know that he had passed before my grandparents were married.  It also verified that my grandmother’s father was Esteban Robles, but I found out that my great-grandmother, previously only known as Pabla, was actually Paula Esparza.  So I have found my maternal great-grandmother!

This information has led me to search for any event for Esteban Robles and Paula Esparza.  I found two more children that were born to an Esteban Robles and Paula Esparza.  There is a possibility that these two boys are my grandmother’s brothers.  The only way to find out is to order the film and look at their baptism certificate and see where they were born.  If it turns out to be her brothers, it will also tell me who my great-great-grandparents are as they are usually listed as well.  I will be ordering those films soon!

This is the same family that I am working on for my entry into the NGS Family History Writing contest.  Although I was able to break through my brick wall, I wasn’t able to interview as much of the 3rd generation that I had planned.  I will have to add that to next month to make up for it.  All in all, it was a spectacular weekend with a great brickwall buster to boot!!!


1940 Census

You can help with the indexing of the 1940 Census by joining the 1940 US Census Community Project.  I’m indexing and can’t wait to start working on it.  Are you helping index the 1940 Census?

I’m not in it, but are you?  Are your parents, grandparents or great-grandparents in it?  My dad is in it, along with his siblings and his parents.  Hopefully I will also find my great-grandmother, and my grand uncles.  That is who I will be looking for.

Who will you be looking for in the 1940 Census?  Comment and let me know.

A Sunday outing…

                This past Sunday was an exceptional day for me.  As a mother of a teenage daughter, it is rare for me to get truly “Me” time.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my daughter and my husband, but it has been a while since I had “Me” time.  This past Sunday the planets aligned.  My daughter was with her father that weekend and my husband had to work.  The morning and afternoon were mine…..all mine!!!

                I decided to go to the local farmer’s market and to have some breakfast nearby.  My breakfast was delicious and I love knowing that the items I purchase at the farmer’s market went to local proprietors.  I purchase honey sticks for my tea from the “honey-man”; asparagus for dinner that night from one of the several vegetable stands, and I even bought ½ dozen of tamales from a food vendor for lunch at work the next day for me and my husband.

                As I was walking and looking at all of the booths, I came across one that saddened me.  This proprietor, the name of the business escapes me at the moment, sold comic books, actions figures and vintage books and toys.  As I moved through their stand, a big blue plastic bin in the back kept calling to me.  I went to see what was in it and to my dismay, it was filled with some not so old, and some really old photographs.  These photos were part of someone family history and it sadden me to see them here, all thrown together, unprotected.  I was shocked and dismayed at what I had seen.  I started to go through some of them and found a small handful that I believed I could, after some research, return to a family member one day.

                I purchased 8 photos and postcards and decided right then and there that I will try to accomplish the goal of finding the proper homes for them.  If I couldn’t, then I would just add them to my collection.   Most of them have names, the post cards have addresses, and there is one that is an official Navy photograph, with a stamp to that effect on the back of the photo.  I am a bit bummed that there was one picture I couldn’t purchase because I didn’t have enough money.  It cost $5 and I only had enough for the 8 that I had.  This photo was actually a page of photos.  You know those old photo albums that were black paper.  Most people glued the photos to the page in that era.  Well that is what this was.  It had several smaller photographs but from what I could tell, they were military from 1918!!  This page of photographs would have proved harder to find the family it belong too because there were no identifying names that I could work with.  I thought it was interesting though, interesting enough to go back this next Sunday to try to find it and purchase it.

                I will be posting about my efforts in finding the families that these photos belong to and will keep you updated on the progress.  If I do find the families, and if I can get their permission, I will post the photograph.  Even though I purchased these photos and they are in my collection, I don’t feel right posting the photos because it doesn’t belong to my family and I don’t want to violate anyone’s privacy rights.  So keep an eye out for my posting on these photos in the future.

Happy Anniversary/Valentine’s Day to Tiburcio and Vicenta Luna

Happy Anniversary and Valentine’s Day to my grandparents, Tiburcio and Vicenta Luna.

Tiburcio and Vicenta Luna (Used with permission)
When I obtained a copy of my grandfather’s Immigration file from the INS about 10 years ago, I found out that my grandfather had married my grandmother on Feburary 14, 1918. 
Happy Valentine’s Day and Happy Anniversary Grandpa and Grandma!

Saturday Updates – February 4, 2012

Well, the one thing I KNOW I haven’t been lacking in is keeping up with my editorial calendar.  I just put too much in my editorial calendar and couldn’t keep up with the pace.  Thankfully it isn’t written in stone and I can adjust it.  So far one adjustment will be that I will no longer post a “Tuesday Teachings.”  Duh!  I guess I would have to post one first to quantify that statement.  Even in the beginning I couldn’t keep up with it.  I will still post about educational opportunities for the genealogy community but now, I only do it when I desire to do so and not on a set schedule.  The second adjustment will be to decrease my “Thankful Thursday” posts from every Thursday to twice a month.

In my January Aspirations, my focus was to be more organized and better prepared to start my research for my NGS Family History Writing Context submission.  I almost completed this in the month of January but I have a task or two left to complete.  I did do the following:

  1. Pull all loose research in and put them in the appropriate files at my desk.  I have the horrible habit of when researching, I leave the document, print-out or my notes in most every place else but where it should be. 
  2. Organized my genealogy library.  This will prove useful when I need reference materials or  a citation check.
  3. Back up my legacy database and my photos.

What I didn’t finish was to re-organize and update my research binder.  This is the binder that I take with me on all my research trips.  I need to find a way to display what I already have in the binder without having to move it to a bigger binder.  It is as big as I want it to be.  The pages just need to be trimmed and re-organized so that I could be more efficient on my research trips.