My Monthly Aspirations – A new ongoing series

At the end of May, I posted a list of some goals that I had wanted to keep track of.  I was originally just going to update that post now, but I have decided that I will instead make it a monthly series.  I will try to post my monthly aspirations as close to the first of the month as possible.  So, to read what I posted in my original “goals” post, you can go here.  I have also decided to add a few catagories to keep my monthly aspirations more organized.

So, here is my update of last May’s goals.

  1. Project Sanchez – When I first started this, I ended up working on my Grandmother’s gardening journal first.  I already had the page protectors and the binder to put them in so I just went a head and did it.  It is now safe and sound and in as best a chronological order as I can get it.  I love it.  It gives me a peek into a side of my grandmother that I had only heard of.  She was very smart and very scientific when it came to her plants.  I am working on getting my mom’s permission to publish the gardening journal here, but we will see how that turns out.  I did start on my mom’s sanchez research and started organizing it.  It is definatley going to be a difficult task, but I can definately get it done. 
  2. Visiting So. Califonria Genealogical Society – I had a great time at the library!  I am planning on going back this Saturday.  I recently found out that they are open on some Saturday and Sundays.  Woo Hoo!!!  I will be visting the library more often now too!
  3. Sanchez Family Reunion – Well this event has blossomed into a bit larger event than I originally expected.  So far we have 35 people coming.  We have the facility booked (my sister’s house) and we are starting to get RSVP’s in too.  We have planned a photo scanning station, kids arts and crafts station, kareoke and possibly some musically inclined family members performing (me included).  We still need to figure out which entre the hostesses (my sisters, mom and I) are going to serve and we need a final count about a week before the reunion.  So far, so good.

July Aspirations:

  • RESEARCH – Sanchez:  Continue to make headway on my Project Sanchez.    I want to try to get through one box at least.   Luna: Continue to research the Mexican migration trails from Central Mexico to Texas to California, continue to research migrant farm workers of the 1930’s and 194o’s. 
  • ORGANIZATION – Work on organizing the scanned photos that I have already in my computer.  This will also be helpful for the reunion too.
  • EDUCATION – Make a list of my genealogy library and a list of the books I want to add to my genealogy library.
  • WRITING – Blog: Continue participating in the 31 weeks to a better genealogy blog challenge.  Post something every other day.   Genealogy: Start writing a possible submission for the NGS’ Family History Writing Contest.
  • OTHER –  I have been toying with the idea of making some changes to the way my blog looks.  By the end of this month, I want to make a final decision on whether or not to do this and what changes I want to make.  Any suggestion of how you would like My Genealogy Obsession blog to look???  All comments will be read and responded to!

So, this is what I aspire to complete this month.  What are your plans?

Have a great day!!



31 Weeks to a Better Blog Challenge – Week 1

I have joined a challenge given by Tonia over at Tonia’s Roots  to try to better my blog here at My Genealogy Obsession.  I want to make sure that I am giving my best to my readers and that the content is relevant.

So for the first week’s tasks we are to write an elevator pitch of our blog.  Here is what I wrote:

I am author of My Genealogy Obsession blog.  I write about my travel into the past researching my ancestry, the results of my research, some of my great finds, some reviews of genealogy items that I feel are worthy to recommend to my readers, my educational experience and hopefully not many of my mistakes.

I have been researching my family genealogy off and on for 18 years but seriously for the last two years and I enjoy it very much.  My research ends in California where some migrant workers traveled to from Mexico and some carpenters traveled to from back east.  I am not a professional genealogist but I want my research to be as professional as possible.

So visit my blog and take a look around at  I hope you enjoy it!

I even changed my tagline for my outgoing e-mails:

My Genealogy Obsession.  A blog about my travel into the past researching my ancestry, the results of my research, some of my great finds, some reviews, my educational experience and hopefully not many of my mistakes.

This exercise made me focus on exactly what I wanted to write about and was a little difficult.  However, I did enjoy it.

Looking forward to next weeks tasks!


Happy Birthday and Happy 4th of July!!!

Today is our Nation’s birthday and I would like to thank our military for giving me the freedom to celebrate our Nation’s independance!

It’s not only our Nation’s birthday, but it is also my Grandmother-in-law’s birthday too.  Grandma or Grammy as my daughter calls her, will be 92 years young.  So before we celebrate our Nation’s birthday tonight, we will be celebrating this wonderful woman’s birthday.  I hope that we have her around for a long time as she has still many more stories to tell to which of course, I will be listening!

Happy 4th of July!!!  Happy Birthday Grandma!!!!  We love you!!!