Thank you National Genealogical Society for the best birthday present!!!

As I was going through my normal morning reading of the news and blogs, I came accross my subscription to Dick Eastman’s Online Genealogy Newsletter.  In his newsletter he had posted an article on his first day at the NGS Conference which is currently being held in Charleston, S.C.  At the very bottom, he announces the news that the National Genealogical Society will be holding its annual conference in Las Vegas, NV in 2013!!  (You can read Dick Eastman’s Newsletter here.)

I had posted before that NGS was looking to the west coast for their 2013 conference (you can read that post here) and I am very happy that NGS picked Las Vegas, NV to have it in.  Although I am not a fan of driving to Vegas, I would rather fly, my husband does not like flying so I will buck it up and drive with him to Vegas in 2013.  I am so excited and very happy to hear this news!  It will be so much more affordable to go.  I am sure that my husband, who is not into genealogy as I am, will be looking forward to golfing while I am in classes!  🙂

I look forward to attending this conference and I hope to see some of you there!!!!  Yup!  Best birthday present ever!!!  😀


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