Veterans in my genalogy research

Today is Memorial Day, the day we honor those who have served in the military.  I honor not only those who were killed during our nation’s wars but also those who have served in the military.  Because they are making a sacrafice to keep our nation, us, my family, me safe.  So here are the veterans of military service and of past wars that are in my family, both my family and my husbands family.

Currently Serving:  My husband has a nephew, Robbie Stanard, currently serving in the Navy who is stationed in Virgina.   May God keep you safe and bring you back home soon Robbie!!  We love you and miss you!

Past Service:  My brother has served in the Marines.  I remember when he went to boot camp, I was only 9 years old when he joined the Marines.  I love you Albert!

My brother. Circa...sometime in the late '70's. (Used with permission)

Korea War:  My Uncle Benny was in the Army and served in the Korean War.  I recently ran into my cousin, one of his sons and he had a lot of pictures of my Uncle Benny in the military.   Here are a few of my favorites:

My Uncle Benny was a musician and a singer.
My Uncle Benny was a musician and a singer. This is a picture of the band he formed while in the Army called "Los Tres Latinos."
The next person who served in the Korean War was my father-in-law, Robert Harold Stanard.  We don’t know much about his service except that he has earned several medals.  I only have one picture of him while in the military.
Robert Harold Stanard. Served in the Korean War in the Army. (Photo used with permission)

World War II – I have written previously about my Uncle Charlie and how he lied about his age to join the military.  You can read that here.  I don’t have too many pictures of him, but the ones I do have I love!

My Uncle Charlie. Location and date unknown. (Used with permission)My Uncle Charlie. I love this picture. (Owned by M. Gervassi and used with permission)

This is all that I know of who has served in a war or has served in the military.


My Genealogy Goals

With the Memorial Day Holiday upon us and I’m having additional two days off from work, I decided that I wanted to jot down my goals.  I find that by jotting them down whether its on paper or in my blog, it helps me to organize them and keep track of them.

Here are the goals that I have:

1)  On Monday, May 31st, first, in the morning, my mom and I will be visiting our families graves and placing a flag on those that have served in the military.  Then, later in the day, I will be working on organizing my mom’s genealogy that she has accumulated.  I had posted a while back about how my mom would research her family tree and in the beginning was organized, but over the years, she hasn’t been so diligent in it and she knows that she has many duplicates in her files.  You can read that post here.  So a little over a month ago, I gathered the first box of her documentation and I brought it home to help her organize it.   Well, in reality, its been in my car ever since.   I have brought the box into the house and will go through it and start the project.  I think I will call it Project Sanchez (that’s the family surname.)  I think that will be a good name.

2)  About a month ago, I had my schedule at work changed.  I went from a straight 8 hour day to what we call a 9/80 work schedule.  This works out to where I get every other Monday off.  I did this so that I could volunteer at my genealogical society but low and behold, they are closed every Monday!  I was a bit disappointed until I figured that I would be off on Tuesday, the day after Memorial Day.  This Monday, Memorial Day, is my regular day off, but because it is a national holiday, I get the next day off.  So, on Tuesday, I will be visiting the Southern California Genealogical Society and their library for the first time.  I will be getting ready for that visit today by checking out their holdings and see which ones pertain to my research and make a list of what I need to look at.  I am very excited to go and I feel that it would be really useful to visit the library before I attend the Jamboree in June.

3)  Next weekend, I will start working on my family reunion.  With the help of one of my sisters, we are planning our Sanchez Family Reunion for the middle of August.  I have been asked by several family members that they would like a family history or something like that to take home.  I have to work on that and on other reunion related activities.

These goals will keep me pretty busy, not just on my upcoming days off, but also on the upcoming weekends as well.  Hope you all have a great Memorial Day.  I am thinking of all of my family members who have served in the military, both here and those who have passed.   They will always be in my hearts.

I am ever so grateful not just for my family members who have served in the military but for ALL of our military personnel in the armed forces.  You all do a wonderful job at keeping our nation safe.  I am honored that you have sacrificed on our nation’s behalf.  Thank you!  I pray that our good Lord will keep you all safe and bring you home to your loved ones safely.  God bless and thank you all!

I’m like a kid waiting to go to Disneyland!!!!

Or like that lady with her face against the window saying “Open! Open! Open!” 

I have about two weeks until the Southern California Genealogical Society’s Jamboree, June 10-12, 2011.  I am very excited, not just for the great lectures I will be participating in, but also for meeting new friends and seeing all of the great vendors and their products.  I will not only be attending as a SCGS member, but also as a blogger (my first time!).  I will be blogging about the SCGS Jamboree and will be trying to tweet about it too but that will depend on my phone’s reception.  I am debating on whether or not to take my laptop, it has grown a little heavy for me but we will see.  

So, I have a few things to get ready before the Jamboree.  I need to get my family history in order and print the portion I want to take with me just in case I run into a distant cousin or two.  I need to make sure I pick up my registration on Thursday night so that I will be fully prepared on Friday.   I know its not much, but I am still very excited and I really can’t wait.  I know that I will not be able to sleep too much the night before Jamboree!  It’s just like going to Disneyland!!!

Thank you National Genealogical Society for the best birthday present!!!

As I was going through my normal morning reading of the news and blogs, I came accross my subscription to Dick Eastman’s Online Genealogy Newsletter.  In his newsletter he had posted an article on his first day at the NGS Conference which is currently being held in Charleston, S.C.  At the very bottom, he announces the news that the National Genealogical Society will be holding its annual conference in Las Vegas, NV in 2013!!  (You can read Dick Eastman’s Newsletter here.)

I had posted before that NGS was looking to the west coast for their 2013 conference (you can read that post here) and I am very happy that NGS picked Las Vegas, NV to have it in.  Although I am not a fan of driving to Vegas, I would rather fly, my husband does not like flying so I will buck it up and drive with him to Vegas in 2013.  I am so excited and very happy to hear this news!  It will be so much more affordable to go.  I am sure that my husband, who is not into genealogy as I am, will be looking forward to golfing while I am in classes!  🙂

I look forward to attending this conference and I hope to see some of you there!!!!  Yup!  Best birthday present ever!!!  😀

Genealogical Conference – Taking it all in

In Genealogical Conferences – The Magic Recipe, Thomas MacEntee encourages genea-bloggers to write posts this week about genealogy conference and seminar issues. 

Today’s topic is:   “Taking It All In – and finally on Friday, May 6, 2011, we’ll hear from the attendees of genealogy conferences.  

I have been waiting all week to post this and FINALLY I can!  I love going to genealogy conferences.  I meet new fellow genealogist and learn a lot of new methods and techniques.  I have attended a few society workshops and have attanded the SCGS Jamboree a few times, but I have yet to attend an NGS conference.  Unfortunately they were not held anwhere near the state I lived in when I was able to attend.  Thankfully I had found out that NGS Conference is looking to the west coast for the 2013 conference.  I am very excited to attend my first NGS conference and really can’t wait!  (See my post on the NGS coming to the western U.S. here.)

1) How do you decide which ones to attend.   Right now finances rule how I decide which conferences to attend.  I have two reqirements that must be met when choosing which I will attend.  1)  The conference must be local.  By local, I mean that it must not cost more than $200 to travel to by air.  This limits me to the western states, (Washington, Oregon, Arizona, Utah, Nevada and Idaho) including California, the state I live in.  2)  Hotel costs must be reasonable.  I could afford up to $100 a night.  If the conference is held in a hotel as opposed to a convention center, and if its not a reasonably priced one, I will have to look for others that are more in my price range. 

If money were no object, I would love to attend each and every conference that was pertinent to my research and dealt with subjects I am researching.  But until then, I must follow my requirements.

2) How far in advance do you start making plans?  I start making my plans on attending a genealogy conference anywhere from 6 months up to 3 years in advance.   This is helpful in planing how much I spend on each conference and balance my family life events as well. 

3) What do you look for when you take in a conference?   I look to the varitey of classes and its applicablity to my research.  I also enjoy that the conference planners include the experience level suggestions for each class.   This year’s NGS conference has several tracks to follow and it provides for many different experience levels.   In looking at this years NGS conference, there were so many classes that I would have loved to have taken.  I know several of them, ok most of them, would have conflicted with each other and were held at the same time.  Still, I so wish I could have traveled to South Carolina to attend this year as they had many, many classes that I was interested in taking even though I had no family history in South Carolina.

4)  What would you love to see at a genealogy conference?  I would love, LOVE to see guarantee seating for each class.  If tickets need to be sold for each class and the resigration fee lowered, then so be it, but as you will read below, its frustrating not having a guaranteed seat when I pay over $100 to attend.   I would rather pay about $25 or so per class and have guaranteed seating.  For example, if I take 4 classes a day, I would be paying $100 a day.  For the SCGS Jamboree this year, they would get more money from me as I only paid $90 for early bird registration.  SCGS would earn an extra $110 from me and if they lowered the class price to $20 for early bird registration, they would still earn an extra $70.  I would gladly pay that amount knowing that my seat would be guaranteed for the classes I registered for.  I know that there are contractual obligations between a conference planner and a speaker and am not sure how they would be able to work it out with charging for each class as I suggested above, but as an attend, I am confident that they would be able to work it out.

5) What are your frustrations and what needs to change?  As stated above, my biggest frustration with the conferences that I have attended is that, although I pay over $100 to attend, I am not guaranteed a seat in any of the classes I want to attend.  If I can’t walk fast enough to get to a class, I am out of luck if it fills up before I get there.  Besides Genealogy, my other hobby is scrapbooking.  The scrapbooking industry is a multimillion dollar industry and at their conferences, I not only pay per class (usually $20-50 which includes products to use on the demos they have us do), but my ticket to each class I want guarantee’s my seat in that class.  

Another frustration is that I wish the audio-recording of each lecture would be downloadable and at a more reasonable price.  The $12 is high for one lecture.  If the downloadable price were to be around $5 I would be buying $20 – $40 of lectures at a time. 

Design the perfect genealogy conference – let your imagination run wild and tell us what you’d love to see at your next conference:

My “Perfect” genealogy conference would be as follows:

Having the NGS and the FGS both held anywhere in the Southern California area at least once every few years, not necessarily at the same time.  Registration would open up a few months early and tickets would be sold for each class available so that an attendee would be guaranteed a seat in the class.  The top 10 classes would be held on several days so that those who missed registration for it on the first day had other opportunities to attend it.  I wish the national genealogy conferences would not wait 7+ years to come back to the Western United States.  This would be my ideal genealogical conference.