52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy & History – Radio and Television

Week 6: Radio and Television.

What was your favorite radio or television show from your childhood? What was the program about and who was in it?


          The one television show that sticks out in my mind was the Jackson 5 cartoon that came on at 9am on Saturday mornings.  The main characters were the musical group The Jackson 5.   This was a cartoon that my younger sister and I loved.  After breakfast when it was 9am, we would run around the house yelling “Its 9 o’clock!”  When we got to the den, we would slide into the room and always timed it perfectly to end up in front of the TV.  That was so much fun to do with my sister!

          We both enjoyed the cartoon and when they did the musical part, we would always standup and dance and sing along with the cartoon!

Here is one of them (one of three):  

          I really enjoyed watching it again and it brings back such happy memories!  What are your favorite shows from your childhood???


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