You heard it here first folks!!!

Besides having my geneaology research to do, I have also been planning my genealogy education very carefully.  I have a limited amount of finances to spend and have to plan several years ahead to make my education dollars stretch as much as possible. 

I was a bit frustrated because I have been wanting to attend the National Genealogical Society’s (NGS) annual conference, but it was always too expensive to attend.  So, in my frustration, I emailed NGS asking when the next conference in California will be and when was the last time their conference was in California.  I got a very nice response from Gayathri Kher telling me that the last annual conference in California was in 2004.  Wow…that was 7 years ago.  Well she then gave me good news that “We are looking to the west coast for 2013…”  I couldn’t believe it!  Wow, the west coast!  I understand that it could be California, Oregon or Washington but still, that is closer to me and the cost for airfare, if it is outside of So. Cal (where I live) but on the west coast, would be a lot less and I would be able to go!!!  I was so happy!  Gayathri also went on to tell me that “An announcement on the location of the 2013 conference will be made in Charleston in May.”

I have since begun to plan for this conference for 2013 and have set up a savings plan to ensure my attendance.  I am one happy camper and can’t wait for the announcement for the 2013 conference! 

Can you imagine how wonderful it would be if the NGS conference were to be held in Southern California???  That would be one awesome birthday present!  Come on May…hurry up and get here already!!!  😉

(Email from Author to Gayathri Kher and from Gayathri Kher to Author sent on Feburary 14, 2011)


My Genealogy mistake.

“All men make mistakes, but only wise men learn from their mistakes”. Winston Churchill

Well when I posted on my website that I was going to post my mistakes, I meant it.  This is my first post of a mistake I recently made and it was a pretty dumb mistake at that.

Last week, I took a day off from work so that I could go to the Los Angeles Superior Courthouse to get photocopies of divorce judgements for several divorces in my family.  I work for the City of L.A. in one of its major departments and knew that the day I requested off was not a holiday for us.

So I left my home and drove to downtown Los Angeles, parked and walked to the Archive department to get in line for the microfilm machine.  I knew that if I had tried this during my lunch hour (I work only a few blocks from the courthouse) I wouldn’t be able to because the line for the microfilm machine was long so hence the reason for me taking the day off.  When I got to the elevator door to take down to the Archive department, there was a sign by the buttons saying that they were closed for Lincoln’s birthday.  I couldn’t believe it!  Then it dawned on me, the Los Angeles Superior Courthouse are a county facility, not a city facility.  That is why my department was still working and the court system was not.  I should have called the archive department to make sure that they would be open on the day I planned on making my trip down there.

So, please learn from my mistakes.  Always call ahead of time to make sure the repository/library/family history center that your going to do research at will be open when you make the trip there.


This old dog CAN learn new tricks! ;-)

I am currently home sick and have been out from work for the past few days.  So I thought I should work on some posts for my blog and just get’er done!  🙂

Several days ago, I attended my first genealogy webinar.  It was put on by Legacy Family Tree, the company who produces the software program I use for my family history.  I must say that I was not only impressed with the technology used to produce this webinar, even though there were technical difficulties, but the information itself was very useful.

The class I took was called Chasing Female Ancestors and the instructor was Leland Meitzler (  Mr. Meitzler was a very well spoken, well rehearsed instructor who kept the pace and subject enjoyable.  I really enjoyed his presentation and the insight he provided that I know I could use in my family research.

Mr. Meitzler discussed the items I already use to find my female ancestors such as locating marriage documents first, using the U.S. and State census records, Death Certificates,  Social Security Applications and Birth Certificates.  However, I didn’t think of using the Funeral Homes Records, Probate Records to get married daughters names, Family Bibles and Consent to Marry for those who marry and were under age as Mr. Meitzler suggested.

I am very happy to have taken this webinar and happy to know that old dogs CAN learn new tricks!!!  🙂


***Edited to note that I did not receive any compensation whatsoever for this review.

52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy & History – Radio and Television

Week 6: Radio and Television.

What was your favorite radio or television show from your childhood? What was the program about and who was in it?


          The one television show that sticks out in my mind was the Jackson 5 cartoon that came on at 9am on Saturday mornings.  The main characters were the musical group The Jackson 5.   This was a cartoon that my younger sister and I loved.  After breakfast when it was 9am, we would run around the house yelling “Its 9 o’clock!”  When we got to the den, we would slide into the room and always timed it perfectly to end up in front of the TV.  That was so much fun to do with my sister!

          We both enjoyed the cartoon and when they did the musical part, we would always standup and dance and sing along with the cartoon!

Here is one of them (one of three):  

          I really enjoyed watching it again and it brings back such happy memories!  What are your favorite shows from your childhood???

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday will be a weekly post of things I am thankful for that is genealogy related.  Please, post what you are thankful for (genealogy related or not) in the comments section below.

My Thankful Thursday

I am so thankful to have not only the most wonderful and understanding husband but also to have an equally understanding daughter as well.  They both have been supportive of me as I trek through my genealogy research journey.

My husband has been ever so understanding when I am on the computer for hours at a time.  He sits quietly as I tell him of my new discoveries in both of our family trees and questions me when he doesn’t understand.  He is the best and although he doesn’t have the enthusiasm or interest in this hobby as I do, he is still there for me to listen and help me work through tough family connections, inconsistent family data and with family members who are not cooperative.

My daughter has been exposed to genealogy since the day she was born, for 12 years.  Not quite as long as my husband, but she has been just as understanding as he has.  She didn’t think twice about having her and her girlfriend from school, who had spent the night at our house, go with me to search out our family tombstones at the cemetery.  She is helpful as well and enjoys the stories that were told to me from my mother, that I relay to her.  She is my pride and joy and I have so much fun when we both are working on genealogy together.  Sometimes we are both working on my family and sometimes, she works on her dad’s while I work on mine.

While my husband and my daughter are both equally important parts of my life, I have the utmost pride and joy in both of them and love them both very dearly.  I am thankful that they are a large part of my life.